Why Choose Integrative Medicine?

Compassionate Care


We provide complete and compassionate care to all animals. We are committed to bringing safe integrative medical therapies that activate the body's natural healing mechanisms. 

Stress Free


We come to your home or barn in order to aide in a variety of conditions or simply boost performance.

Scientific Medical Approach


Holistic care based in science. There will be no talk of "Chi". We will focus on treating a medical diagnosis to create a biochemical and physiological response. 

Success Story

Little Fred


"My mini horse, Little Fred, is dealing with several serious, chronic health issues; tracheal collapse, cervical arthritis, PPID (Cushings) and foot drag. I can’t change or rearrange these diagnoses so I am trying to keep him comfortable with a good quality of life. Traditional veterinary care did not offer any viable solutions to his pain or symptoms. The tracheal collapse caused loud roaring noises with exertion and the acupuncture and cold laser therapy have decreased these symptoms significantly. Since he has fewer symptoms he is more active, engaged and stronger. He holds his head higher, despite serious arthritis, and has better range of motion. His arthritis made him very uncomfortable for the farrier, so he was less cooperative and that was harder for all of us. The extension in his legs has improved with therapy and he is better able to give his feet and hold his balance properly. Despite all of these chronic illnesses he is not taking any pain meds, and I believe that is the result of acupuncture and laser therapy. "

         - Johnson's Farm

Little Fred getting his acupuncture
Little Fred getting his acupuncture

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